The 3 Drunk Geeks is a geek culture/news podcast, hosted by Nicholas Grover, James Laird, and Neil Picard.


Though Grover had aspired since high school to have his own podcast, this particular seed did not germinate until Phoenix Comicon 2012. Through Thomas Hanks, James was able to arrange the troika's appearance on several panels, specifically those related to Star Trek and Doctor Who. The experience was invigorating to say the least, and their presentations were so well accepted that the idea was soon discussed (over Guinness and Tilted Kilt food) to start a podcast based on the chemistry of their panels.

There is a debate as to who first came up with the name for the podcast. Grover asserts that it was at one of the post-panel meetings at the local Tilted Kilt when he first floated the name by his partners. Neil, on the other hand, makes the claim that it was in fact his own invention. Unfortunately, the truth may be forever lost to the annals of history, as they were both far too drunk to remember the events correctly.

It took about 2 months for the troika to get their act together. On July 18, 2012, James established the Facebook page. On that same day, he called Grover up and ran a few ideas by him; when the time came to decide a date to record, Grover, consumed by the desire to be like Julius Caesar (and thus nourish his delusions of grandeur), decided the die had to be cast that weekend or not at all. Thus, it was early Saturday morning, July 21, 2012, that the troika finally assembled in what came to be known as Studio Hotbox , along with 'Designated' Dan Anderson and Tifff, to record the first episode. Neil was responsible for editing and audio-engineering, and was able to do so handily enough to have Episode 1: The Cage up on iTunes by Tuesday, July 24, 2012. Since that day, it's been dollar bills and blowjobs for the Geeks.