Studio APT is the second studio where the 3 Drunk Geeks record their podcast. Again, the 'studio' is in reality James' bedroom in his apartment in Tempe, Arizona. The room was somewhat larger than Studio Hotbox, but heaps cooler; the Geeks, therefore, consider the move from Studio Hotbox to Studio APT to be an immesurable leap in comfort. It was named by Grover as a pun on 'studio apartment,' even though the apartment itself is a 3 bedroom apartment.

Episodes Recorded in Studio APTEdit

  1. Gorton's Fishdicks
  2. Also Known as a 'Blow Job'
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Tribbles
  4. Stanwich University
  5. Yay, Tentacles!
  6. Tree Rape
  7. Wachtmeister Funboy
  8. The Drunken Horror Podcast Show
  9. Doctor von Scotch / Fat Tits O'Beardie
  10. Encounter at Equestria
  11. Three Drunk Caballeros
  12. Batnipples
  13. What's With All the Semen Jokes?
  14. Russian Santa