Recorded Saturday, July 28th, 2013 in Studio Hotbox .  The name of this episode comes from Grover accidentally saying 'dickumentary' instead of 'documentary', leading James to wish for a 'classy' gay porn called Masterpenis Theater.  

Neil was in Connecticut for this recording, and so 'Designated' Dan Anderson filled in.  Since Dan is straight edge, James and Grover slowly get drunker and drunker throughout the show, leaving Dan the only one with his wits intact by the end of the show.


  • Dan: Water, from a Superman mug. BeerAdvocate
  • James: Indian Wells Lobotomy Bock.  He liked it for its high ABV and low price.  BeerAdvocate
  • Grover: Boddington Pub Ale.  BeerAdvocate  Also Dogfish Head's Positive Contact. BeerAdvocate


  • Tom and Denise Hanks, Anthony Fuentes, and Lissa Crusher, for showing up at the screening of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-Ray.  
  • A toast is given also to Neil and his family, and, later on in the show, to Romana actress Mary Tamm.


  • Chickengate: Hot off the Chik-fil-a controversy, in which the restaurant revealed their bigotry and political activism against gay rights, the geeks have a chat about the resistance against Chik-Fil-A from the city of Boston and Jim Henson's Muppets, but also the support of Chik-Fil-A by drag queens and Antoine Dodson.
  • Gizmodo's 7 Deadliest Drinks .  
  • What's New in the World of Who.  News includes updates on the 50th Anniversary show(s) and the death of Romana actress Mary Tamm.
  • New TMNT.
  • Jurassic Park 4... 3D.  
  • The Hobbit becomes a trilogy.  Dan and James debate with Grover about whether or not this is remotely a good idea.
  • The Who on tour for the first time in 4 years, playing Quadrophenia in full on stage.  
  • The Deadpool video game, and new Street Fighter as well.
  • Sandman prequel in November 2013.  
  • Grant Morrison bowing out of superhero comics.  
  • The Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover comic.
  • Marvel Now!  The Marvel reboot-that's-not-a-reboot.
  • Google Fiber, the fastest internet no one can have outside of Kansas City.


  • Grover's: Light-up lightsaber chopsticks.
  • James's: Pie-pop kit from ThinkGeeks.
  • Dan's: The Avengers, Phase 1.
  • Neil's: Hndlebars Mustache Wax

The Question of the NowEdit

"If you had unlimited money to buy one piece of geek history, what would you buy?"

End SongEdit

The Real Deal: Boddington Beer


  • At the TNG screening, James literally pantomimed shooting the theater with his phaser.  
  • Grover's favorite inadvertant joke from this episode is when James said that Chik-fil-a president Dan Cathy "came out" against gay marriage.
  • The theme used for the What's New in the World of Who segment is 'Dr. Who Meets Metal' by Youtube user 331Erock.  It can be found here .
  • Dan is the 'That Guy' of this episode, for thiking the animation style of the new TMNT show is shitty.
  • When it comes to playing Street Fighter II, Grover is a Sagat player, James is a Blanka or E. Honda player, and Dan plays Zangief.  
  • James hates Captain America.  He does, however, like blue men.  Grover likes Tony Stark, as in 'likes' likes.
  • This episode saw the first call into the voicemail line, by Neil, as well as one from Midwest Tiff.